How To Buy A Quality Designer Leather Coat Without Getting Burned

Is your wardrobe looking a little bland and boring? If so, one of the best things you can do to spice it up is to invest in a high quality designer leather coat that you can wear with a wide range of fashion choices. The reason I say invest is because that is how you should consider a leather coat. A good one will last you forever if it is cared for properly and if you buy one that is not faddish or trendy it will be in style forever as well.

When you first start looking at high end leather coats you may get sticker shock at first if you haven't seen the prices that these special fashion items sell for. You need to get past that however because the cost is very much worth it since as I said these coats can literally last a lifetime.

Don't be tempted to settle for some cheap imitation leather material, this just will not do. Everyone knows what real leather looks, feels, and smells like so you aren't going to fool anyone and you will be very dissatisfied. A high quality leather coat is the ticket for giving you an elegant and high class look even when worn with jeans.

If you are wondering what style of coat to buy you may want to review some of the latest styles in the latest fashion magazines or even Consumer Reports. You will usually see some of the reports on newer leather coats coming out in September. If you intend to make the coat last as long as possible remember not to be too trendy.

For women there are a couple of designers that have been very popular lately. One of these is Andrew Marc whose new double breasted women's coat line is very stylish and modern looking. What is unique about this coat is that it has both a vintage and modern look at the same time.

The Cole Haan lambskin blazer is another very popular leather coat these days. This blazer features the distressed look that is so hot today and comes in brown. This very hip looking coat is popular with all ages and can be worn with a variety of looks.

The leather coats from Michael Kors are in high demand from anyone and everyone who knows leather coats. He has been a leader in the leather fashion market for a long time and is sought after by celebrities and models for his innovative designs.


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